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Brayton Barff Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Barff photo gallery. This is available to everyone who has taken photographs of, in and around the Barff. By placing your photo’s in the gallery you are permitting everyone, worldwide, to view them. It is impossible to protect photographs on the Internet from thieves so we have made a few settings to help prevent it although if they want your photo there are always ways to get it. For this reason we have made the maximum size that can be uploaded 800 pixels on the longest side and should not be greater than 250 kilobytes in file size. This is usually classed as a low resolution and it is hard to get a decent print from a file this size. You can also apply a copyright notice over the picture although this obviously detracts from the viewers interest.

At the moment the gallery needs finishing but it is there for you to try. You will need to register and have a password, again, for security reasons. We will put some instructions for posting files into this page as soon as possible. Basically though, it’s just a matter of logging in once registered, click on upload file, and follow the pages that pop up.

If you want to upload but are confused by it all you can register then email us the photo(s) and we will do it for you. Alternatively, use the contact us form and send us your telephone number and we will ring you to talk you through it.

Please bear in mind that this site is privately owned and the administrators reserve the right to delete anything offensive or of illegal or forbidden activities in the Barff.

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One of the features of Brayton Barff is it’s photography potential during most daylight hours and weather. The gnarled and twisted old oaks offer amazing opportunities for those wishing to capture that moment in time of light and shade contrasts. Together with misty mornings and sun just breaking through the Barff becomes ethereal with the mist subduing most unwanted sounds. It is not hard to realise where writers and poets find their inspiration.  Especially in spring, late April, when the Barff is blessed with it’s outstanding display of Bluebells and their intense perfume on still mornings is a joy to behold. Elizabeth Kinch wrote:

Unfolding through the woodlands,

A carpet of bedazzled blue,

Bells summoning the fairies,

To the Springtime review.

They've come to make their magic,

To cast their seasonal spells,

The bluebell's nodding head's,

Beckons that all is well.

The fairies fill bluebell thimbles

And drink ambrosia essence,

Sitting on spotted toadstools

Beneath leaves so luminescent.

If you're walking through woodland,

Don't trample the beautiful bells,

It will bring you such bad luck

To disturb the fairies spells.

Copyright © Elizabeth Kinch | Year Posted 2017

And don’t forget the views from the top of Brayton Barff. Views over Selby and Brayton are often stunning but from the right spot York Minster can be clearly seen and on a very good day the Kilburn White Horse is visible at approximately 30+ miles distant.

Kilburn White Horse from the top of Brayton Barff. Distance approx 30+ miles.