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About Brayton Barff

Brayton Barff is is in the Vale of York and approximately 20 miles south of York itself and just off the A19 between the villages of Thorpe Willoughby and Brayton just south of Selby. The Barff and its sister woodland, Hambleton  Hough, are not easy to miss as the are the only two wooded hills in the flatlands of the southern Vale of York, the Barff being the larger of the pair. Ownership is shared between Selby council and Yorkshire Water (YW) with the latter owning and maintaining the largest area.

The Barff has recently been allocated the status of being a Planted Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) due to the historical records regarding the oak areas. Some of the area has been subsequently planted with non native trees which have now been removed, primarily the conifers close to the car park and some large areas of sycamore along the North Eastern side. All these areas have been replanted with native trees such as oak, holly, rowan, silver birch and a few others as replacements. It will be many years before we visibly see any advantage of this work but fortunately the areas are minor in the size of the Barff as a whole so there are still many wildlife subjects to see and some dramatic landscape views in most weathers with early morning and evening being the best times. An excellent location for photography fans of all levels and some Barff’ers photo’s can be seen in the Barff Gallery. Ideal for bird watchers too with a good range of species to be spotted. See Derek Coopers regular bird reports on the Barff Facebook page and our many thanks to Derek for doing this.

Selby Abbey is clearly visible from the top of Brayton Barff as is the Kilburn White Horse at 30+ miles distant.

Tawny Owl in the Barff